Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Hard G Project?

While other image technologies have come and gone (cough cough Flash), the GIF continues to persevere. Created 31 years ago, it’s an intricate part of how we communicate online. But as a medium its small size and ability to quickly convey a feeling, story, or message makes it perfect for displaying ideas outside the confines of our phones and computers.

Over the next few weeks, the Hard G Project will display original GIFs from a variety of artists in locations in and around San Francisco. The best way to see these pieces is to follow @HardGProject1 on Twitter for the time and location of each GIF before it goes up. The piece will be live for as long as the battery holds out or the piece is removed by authorities or thieves.

The artist participating are:

Animated Text
Burrito Justice
Dan Bransfield
Doctor Popular
Elena Lacey
Helen Shewolfe Tseng
Joe Molina
Roberto Baldwin

See you on the streets.